New Home Construction

From the ground up

Foundation Footings

Foundation footings are an integral piece of your home’s foundation, especially in areas prone to cold winters where the ground freezes. The foundation footings that our professionals construct will help support the foundation walls all year round and assure your home stays structurally sound.  

Foundation walls

A proper foundation is the most important component of every home. Since the foundation walls provide your entire home with support, it is important that they are built correctly. We make sure that the foundation walls for your home are made exceptionally so that you don’t have to worry about expensive damages in the future.


Framing is the skeleton of your home and an integral component in making the perfect home. Squeaky floors, poor levels, and many other issues that can ruin your experience at home may appear due to a poor framing job. That is why our professionals make sure that their framing work is done with quality materials and exceptional precision.

Water Proofing

Waterproofing your home is an integral step in both the construction of your new home and the restoration of an old one. No homeowner wants to discover water damage in their basement due to poor waterproofing. We refuse to cut corners when it comes to waterproofing by using appropriate materials and making sure our professionals don't miss a spot.

Weeping tiles

Like waterproofing, weeping tile systems are there to help keep water outside of your home. The last thing that we would want is for one of our clients to experience water damage in their home. That is why we make sure that the job is done with exceptional quality, so that you, as the homeowner, won't have to worry about getting it done a second time. 

Sump pump system installation

Another integral component of waterproofing your home is the sump pump system. If your basement experiences regular flooding, a sump pump system would be a necessary tool in keeping it dry. That is why Buildoreno works with trusted sump pump system suppliers to make sure your basement will stay dry even on the rainiest of days.

Walk Out Basments

A properly done walkout basement helps enhance your home in a massive way. Although there are specific construction requirements that must be met before a walkout basement can be done, if your home is suitable for the project, our professionals will make sure that your new walkout basement is a wonderful addition to your home. 

Additional Structural Work

Sometimes a homeowner may only want to do some additional structural work with their home, whether it is renovation to enhance their home or repairs to damages. Whatever the project, Buildoreno’s professionals will be there to help you make sure that the work is done properly and with exceptional quality.